Question: “Now, I read your plans. However, help me. I still do not understand what you mean by marketing. Can you be more clear?

Answer: Marketing means the various methods used to make a product known and available for sales. The services listed in the plans are those methods. And MANA tailors them to fit the needs of the author and his/her publication.

Question: “Are you a local company? Do you only ship regionally? How much do I have to pay for shipping and handling?”

“I stay with Baker and Taylor, Ingram, and/or Amazon.com because they ship nationally and internationally.”

Answer: We are not a local or regional company. We ship nationally and internationally. Also, we pay for the shipping and handling for orders within the US and charge the non-US customer for s & h. No, there is no s & h charge to MANA clients.

Question: Uh, I do not have to pay these other companies up front. You know, although you sound good, I have already spent a lot of money getting my book printed. I don’t know if I can afford more.”

Answer: Well, actually, you do pay up front, only it comes via the “back door.” The hefty royalty that these companies take out before you ever receive a check is how you pay up front. Not to mention the fact, that if people do not know your book is in existence, you cannot afford not to have some serious marketing.

Question: “Do you have any proof of guarantee of sales?”

Answer: Do Amazon.com, B & T, Ingram, and other companies have any guarantee of sales, especially of non-famous authors? Do these companies promote your book? No company can promise you sales. And these companies have not. They do not even mention promoting your book. Most do not take your book to a tradeshow, especially not BookExpo, a very expensive show. Quite honestly, no company can promise sales, unless, perhaps, your book is by Pres. George Bush, Colin Powell, or Hillary Rodham Clinton. On the other hand, MANA promises in writing to work hard to promote your book.

Question: “Yes, these companies do take a hefty royalty from every sale. Still, people know about B & T, Ingram, and Amazon.com.”

Answer: MANA does have a web presence. New search engines are picking up our site daily. Currently, MANA has 1st and 2nd page guarantee for key search engines. And if you tell a potential customer that s/he can order your book from MANA, then, s/he will do so. And you receive 70% for that sale; whereas with the other companies, you receive considerably less.

Question: “Now, some of these companies take 30 to 90 days to give me my money. What about MANA?”

Answer: MANA pays its clients within 20 days. And it provides for that month of payment a Quicken report of the sales.

Question: “Well, I prefer to work with a company like BookMasters or Trafford or Banta that will also warehouse my book. In other words, I get everything at one place. Can MANA warehouse, too?

Answer: MANA can and will do everything for your publication except for write it for you. MANA can provide every service our competitors can, only at a more affordable cost. And, again, keep in mind that MANA will be working for your publication. It will take your book/s to tradeshows and advertise throughout the year. Will the other companies do this without an additional cost? MANA has the marketing and/or self-publishing plans that provide these services for one affordable price.

Question: “How big is your company?”

Answer: It is a small company and plans to remain so. MANA prides itself on providing personal service. Its staff will not treat every book and its author in the same manner. Some authors want to have weekly conversation and updates. Others want to give us a list of folks to contact and expect us to do so. Some authors want us to try to set up interviews and booksignings. And the needs continue to vary. There is no way that the different needs of our authors could be met if we had a large clientele. So MANA limits its clientele. There are just so many it will take during a given period of time.

Furthermore, MANA is selective regarding the books it represents. Thus, that is why there is a review fee to compensate staff that review the work before committing the company’s resources to representing it. And, this fee is applied to the cost of a MANA plan if the author’s work is accepted. Since MANA is a subsidiary of an established, independent publishing company, Robbie Dean Press, quantity is not an issue; the quality of personalized service to self-publishers and independent companies is its goal.

Question: “Well, what you offer sounds good for authors, but what about small companies and, especially, non-profits?”

Answer: In addition to the services mentioned, there is also the option to use our consultation services for human resources issues and issues pertaining publishing. Since MANA’s parent company has been in the business, MANA can tap that resource and serve as an aid. And it has an individual on staff with over 30 years of experience in human resources and company management. As a matter of fact, any company or individual who feels a need for some succinct advice on such issues, will receive his book, free of charge. Finally, if a company or agency has a work or collection that fits in what we wish to market, that work/s will be advertised in an international journal for teachers. So, MANA has much to offer the individual, the small company, and the non-profit agency.