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MANA is an excellent publishing company. I wrote a children’s book. They assisted me step by step through the process of getting my book published.I received personal service that was above and beyond what I expected.The graphics that I requested for my book were professionally done and enhanced the quality of my story.All of my questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner and to my satisfaction.MANA is committed to their clients.


“Since finding, at long last, I am no longer looking for a Publisher, Editor, or Agent. They are now marketing my third book. Thank you, MANA. Blessings to you for your 200% time and professionalism.”

JaiLeen Shepherd
North Carolina
Upcoming book, the final part to the trilogy–SUZI-Q

“I will always be grateful to have been a client of MANA. When I first viewed the information on the SPAN newsletter, it seemed worth at least a phone call for more information. The more questions I asked, the better it sounded, and luckily for me, I decided to sign up with MANA.

“…Services far exceeded my expectations. The support offered is multi-layered, all at a very affordable price….Responses to any and all of my notes were nearly instantaneous, …replies always warm and encouraging. No one has worked harder to present my book to the public. This has been especially valuable to me since I was caring for my husband during his long illness and subsequent death. There was no time left for me to do any marketing on my own.

“When viewing MANA’s web site, one can get a glimpse of how much dedication and work go into marketing our books. It is gratifying to see the growth that is occurring each time the next newsletter appears.

“I will be forever grateful for the fine work, energy, and genuine care that goes into helping individuals and their books. MANA…has my highest recommendation and grateful thanks”

Jane Kern, Ph.D.
South Carolina

*Dr. Kern gave MANA the mandate to distribute her books at no charge to various schools and charities. And so, this is the reason why this book is not offered on the MANA site at this time. MANA fulfilled Dr. Kern’s request.

“Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott is one of the rare book promoters in the publishing industry who combines both perseverence and integrity. She is a top-level professional, working hard on behalf of her client’s books. And she is honest, fair, and genuine, as I have learned over an extended period of time. I recommend Dr. Hayes-Scott to writers who need a solid and professional expert to help them launch their books in the difficult American marketplace.”

John Slade, Ph.D.
New York

Being an author for the first time, and not knowing how or where to begin had left me in a state of panic. A good friend informed me about a lovely woman who they knew was indeed, a publisher. I took the chance and called Dr. Fairy C Hayes Scott and was greeted by a sweet, cheerful hello and welcome which put me at my ease. She took a shivering, unsure “wannabe” and gave me the confidence to see it through after presenting all the packages that were available.

Months later, after many questions and assurances that it would go as planned, phone calls and emails which spurned me on, my book THE GLEN was ready. Fairy Hayes Scott remained the same patient and encouraging person, from beginning to end. Today I have a product to be proud of thanks to her kind suggestions and mentoring. The feed back and complimentary comments have made me aware of what I have accomplished with the assistance of Dr. Fairy C Hayes Scott. I have already written another book, which I hope will experience the same journey that this one has.

Marie Cote’ Sherhart
Retired Educator
The Glen
Saline, MI

” MANA is remarkable in breaking down the boundaries of publishing. Instead of working only one way with authors, MANA has the approach–tell me where you are headed and MANA will show you a way to get there. It is absolutely true that this is a place where people are valued and respected. Very refreshing in an industry that has forgotten that ideas are not commodities, and buzz is not necessarily meaningful. MANA cares, and thinks with you and keeps a faithful connection.”

Penelope Tzougros, Ph.D., ChFC, CLU


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re: Chelsey Cofield, author of A COLLECTION OF CHELSEY’S WRITINGS

“I reached out to based on their reputation; The team did not disappoint. I am a grandmother who wanted the writings of my 11 year old granddaughter, who loves to write, to be published. Dr. Scott was unbelievably helpful to me by making that happen. She went above and beyond what most would do in her place. She made my dreams, and my granddaughter’s dreams, come true.
Thank you MANA.”

— Mrs. Michelle Messer

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott for some time now. When I first called her on the phone, after finding her publishing service on the Internet, she was very gracious and knowledgeable about helping me to produce and eventually publish my book with an outside publisher.

She was right there with me through the production of my childrenıs book, which included 45 original illustrations. Her illustrators did a fine job. Their work was creative and charming. They helped to make my characters come alive on paper.

Fairy was also my marketer and she doggedly pursued every outlet to find an established publisher for my book. I am happy to report that she found a major publishing house in India. Manoj Prakashan publishers are releasing the book with an audio CD, and their purpose is to help Indian children learn English.

Fairy, acting as my agent now, worked with the Indian publisher to come up with a most fair contract. I will be able to continue looking for more publishers for my work in other geographical locations. I am so pleased with the work Fairy has done. I am so happy to know that my work will affect childrenıs lives. After all, isnıt that what itıs all aboutŠpleasing the audience?

My heartfelt thanks go out to Fairy for her efforts on my behalf. I look forward to working with her in the future, as I have a sequel book waiting in the wings.

Sheila O’Connor Dixon

“Working with MANA Press was an integral part of delivering lots of books and even more smiles to numerous Detroit elementary students. The nature of WE READ requires a closer relationship to our publisher. Besides delivering high quality books on a very tight time line, MANA Press was able to guide us through all problems that arose by providing friendly assistance.

“They turned our dream into a reality.”

Steven Gee, past president of WE READ, a University of Michigan Student non-profit organization
THE RAINY DAY DISCOVERY, authored by Keith Fudge and illustrated by Willa Tracosas, members of WE READ