MarketingNewAuthors.com (MANA) is a premier self-publishing company that provides publishing, marketing, distribution services, and more to independent authors and companies representing independent authors. If you’re a new author looking to self-publish your first manuscript or you’re already an author and looking for another avenue to prompt your books, then MANA is the company for you.

MANA offers a variety of self-publishing plans to meet your specific needs, and we can customize our services to fit your budget. Book marketing is included in MANA’s self-publishing plans. Authors also receive e-commerce services, digital marketing, printing, cover design, and color covers. In addition to publishing books in print, we will also offer e-book formatting. Our costs are affordable as well as competitive.

If you want a minimal amount of printed books, MANA offers Print-On-Demand, which means that authors can choose to print a minimum of 25 books. You can have your book published within four weeks by using our Print-On-Demand services.

If you want to use a book fundraising campaign to raise money for your own group or non-profit organization, MANA will publish your book through “CREATE A BOOK”© Fundraiser” at no cost to you or your organization. MANA will publish your book and take care of all aspects of the work being published.

MANA also offers publishing services for college faculty through its parent company Robbie Dean Press (RDP). MANA is the marketing arm of RDP. College faculty with a small student body who want to have their work refereed and considered for publication may publish through RDP. RDP welcomes inquiries and submissions at the RDP email address.

If you’re ready to self-publish your book, contact MANA today at 734-975-0028 or email us.