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by (MANA) is celebrating its 20th year in business by offering ACADEMIC BUNDLE! If you are a returning student or new student to college, have a tight budget, possibly, have children dependent on you, and a need for help with your writing skills for those many papers you will have to do, ACADEMIC BUNDLE is for you.

The Academic Bundle includes BARE ESSENTIALS: HAND BOOK FOR BEGINNER WRITERS, LINGUISTICS FOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES, children’s book of choice on the MANA website, and the personal one-on-one tutoring/consultation of DR C. This offer of the books alone is over $100, but MANA’s ACADEMIC BUNDLE costs $69.95 (soft covers) and even less—$49.95 (ebooks).

BARE ESSENTIALS is a comprehensive handbook that reviews the very “bare” regarding English, the parts of speech, to the more sophisticated aspect of themes and term papers. And there are different digital files that function as tutors to help students avoid comma spaces, punctuation errors, and other sentence structure and grammatical errors.

LINGUISTICS FOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES provides an excellent analysis of language development of children and how language is influenced by the environment of the speaker and how language can reflect the speaker’s environment.

DR C is an accomplished professor of ASL, English, Deafness, and she is an established business woman. During her 45 years as a college professor, her students and colleagues petitioned the college’s board of trustees that she should have a classroom named after her. It happened. In addition, she received an award as “Influential Woman of the Year” at her college from where she retired. She has written five (5) books and several articles. Additional to her academic work, she owns two publishing companies, one traditional (30 years) and the other, self-publishing (20 years). Having taught students of all nationalities and challenges, her ability to guide students is without a doubt. And her third company, DR C, has given DR C the opportunity to provide that personal guidance. And consultation will work around YOUR schedule. Five (5) 30-minute tutoring/consultation times are a part of this offer.

So if you know you need help with your college writing, don’t have time to work in a study group, need some help with all aspects of writing, need a work that will help you with understanding and nurturing language development of children, and need a few moments of pure enjoyment giving a book to those special children you love, then, YES, you should purchase MANA’s ACADEMIC BUNDLE before the Fall semester begins.

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