Anniversary Gift 4 – Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Gift

Once you pay the downpayment, the next payments are not due until Feb. 28, 2023!

Cost:  $3,000 (on a payment plan—first, non-refundable down payment: $500, or $250 at the initiation of contract and the remaining $250 no later than June 30, 2022)


Cost: $3,000 (on a payment plan—after June 30, 2022, non-refundable down payment: $1,000 at the initiation of contract)

Work will receive color front and back covers, layout, webpage on MANA site, e-commerce & distribution services, marketing, & 100 bks. 

Images: $25 per image 

No More than 50,000 words

Title of Publication: To be determined by author  

Setting; author’s choice Original or Previously written by author 

Copyright maintained by author 

Author will receive a MANA T-Shirt 

Author will receive a $100 Submission bonus 

All submissions will be refereed by MANA Review Board 

For any 20 purchasers from MANA site, author will receive$100 

Work or excerpt posted on MANA blog 

Publication presentation: 2 months after the receiving author’s approval and final payment

Click below to make a Non-Refundable Downpayment of $500:

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