Business Consulting for Woman-Owned Businesses


MANA is offering a new service for women who want to launch a small business:

If you have no children, a lot of staff, and a lot of money, you do not need MANA’S Consultation Services.
For the rest of most women who want to start or maintain a business, come to MANA!
Now, if you want to become a successful, in-control businesswoman, take advantage of MANA’s Consultation Services for Women Business Owners!

MANA is solely-owned by a woman. Not only does she own MANA, a self-publishing company (15 years young!); she owns a traditional publishing company that began in 1991! Both companies have weathered the various storms of the economy and become stronger. Both companies have a small but very competent staff and have experienced continued growth.

MANA’s Consultation Services are focused on serving women small business owners! It does not matter how small; Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, owner of MANA and Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C., began in the very competitive publishing industry with only one employee—herself, no computer, no printer, and very little start-up money. 23 years later, she invites you to visit both of her sites— and See the services offered.

Dr. Fairy knows what it is like to start out small. The consultation services offered will most definitely meet the needs of any woman, small business owner or woman who wants to become a business owner.
Services include:

1) one-on-one consultation for 4 hours a month;
2) MANA MINUTE advertising on the MANA Blog for one month or 6 months;
4) 20% discount off any other services provided by and/or books on the MANA web site online store;
5) online workshops;
6) $20 referral fee for every recommended new member

Listen in on a recent interview with Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott

The cost? Reasonable.

The value of MANA Consultation Services for Women Small Business Owners? More than you can imagine!
Not sure as of yet? Listen to the interview on this web page.You can hear and decide for yourself if you feel Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott is the lady to guide you through the world of being and/or becoming a successful woman business owner!

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Enjoy this video interview with Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott about Starting a Business on a Shoe-String Budget: