Consultation for Authors and Small Publishers

The Consultation Services offered can provide answers and assistance:

  • Are you a new author who wants to know what are some of the basics you need to do to submit your manuscript to a publisher or agent?
  • Are you a new author who wants editorial advice?
  • Are you a new author needing an illustrator and wondering how to find one?
  • Are you a new author needing a web designer?
  • Are you an established author needing a web designer to revise your site?
  • Are you a new author who wants to have an ongoing relationship with a consultant whom you know is looking out for your best interest rather than that of the company with whom you are working?
  • Are you beginning a publishing company and need some advice on what to do and not to do so to become successful?
  • Are you a non-profit publisher who needs assistant with publishing and/or human resources issues?

From the very basics to the more complex, can provide the guidance and assistance needed for an author to get his/her work published.

Cost and Terms of Commitment:

You can employ our consultants for a day or on an ongoing basis. MANA is flexible. Thus, our services range in price based on the extent and type of services needed.. The cost of our services can be as low as $250 an hour.

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