Fiction Writer’s Workshop

If you want support as writer of a fictional work, MANA/DR C has a workshop for you.

Register: Now until July 22.
Date:       July 25, 2021, Sunday
Time:      7:00 PM (EST)

Set Up for the MANA Writers’ Workshop: 4 sessions

Session 1: 30 to 60 minutes
• Each individual will contribute a 200 to 350 word continuation of Nick Christopher: Time Traveler by Dr. Gregory R. Shafer;
• Every participant will comment on each other’s continuation of the novel;
• DR C will give supportive input;
• Each participant will share why s/he has continued the story as s/he has.

Session 2:  30 to 45 minutes
• This will be a one-on-one session per member;
• In each individual session, a short story will be presented that each participant will develop from the middle to the end;
• DR C will give supportive input;
• Each participant’s will explain the reason for direction s/he has taken, pointing out why s/he has taken this direction.

Session 3:  45 to 60 minutes
• Each person in the group will contribute to his/her group a 450 to 500 short story;
• DR C will give supportive input;
• Each group member will explain the reason for the direction s/he has taken with the story’s character development, scenery description, diction, and plot;
• Dr C will provide closing comments regarding each group member’s story development.

Session 4:  30 minutes
• Personal input from the member; yes, this will be a one-on-one session;
• DR C. will provide individualized comments about each person’s work done in the workshop.
• Each participant will have access to a digital copy of Nick Christopher: Time Traveler.
• Each participant will receive a digital copy of a short story.
• Each participant will receive a “Black Lit Alive!” charm.
• Each participant will receive a MANA t-shirt.

Times for individualized sessions will be set by each participant and DR C.

DR C, Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D., has over 45 years of teaching experience composition and literature. She has published several articles and books. And she owns two publishing companies. So, her experience is extensive, especially to guide participants in this workshop. And one of the short stories used in the workshop is from a book her college students contributed and was published. This is a workshop for those who want to improve their writing skills so that each participant can begin, continue, and/or end his/her personal work.

Cost for all of the above: $69.95

Register and make financial remission on the website and send all written work to:

No group will be larger than five.