Author: Cavis Adams
ISBN: 978-0-998249-31-5
No. of Pages: 230
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This work is an excellent book for any literature course, especially for a fiction course, introductory course to literature, and African-American Literature course. The narrative gives the journey of a grandson as he develops as a young man. Yet, there is so much more. This narrative contains riveting scenes that touch one’s very soul; the author’s use of “stream of consciousness” and figurative language makes it a powerful literary piece.



Cavis Adams is a full-time Fire Captain for the City of Minneapolis Fire and Rescue. Also, he freelances as an English/Spanish medical interpreter for Hennepin County, Minnesota. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Spanish major from the University of Minnesota. His philosophy regarding the art of writing fits well with the narrative of this novel: “Writing is a way to inform our world, not of what we have to withhold, rather what we hold already in common with those who dare to read beyond the cover.”



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