Hiring Now – Part Time Sales Positions





  • Students who want to make extra money
  • Retirees who want to make extra money
  • People who want to try something different
  • Affiliate Marketers

Sales experience is not required. Being ethical and industrious and innovative is what working with MANA requires. You will be your own contractor. There are no benefits. No 401K. At the end of the year, MANA will send you your 1099. This is a part-time sales position in which you can do as much or as little you want to garner sales—to make money; you are to work at your pace. Thus, you will control your time when working for MANA!


Requirements to apply are the following:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Submit application [upon contacting MANA via e-mail (info@marketingnewauthors.com), MANA will send you an application
  • A writing sample explaining how you plan to garner sales, why you are interested in this part-time position, and information about yourself in relation to this position
  • If you are planning to sell on your website, you need to send MANA a link to the site



You earn 20% for every sale made for any publication or service listed on the MANA website. You will see that MANA has several services, so the potential to earn money is realistic.

After the first five (5) sales—books, publishing plan/s, life coach service, BEA service, etc. (no particular service or publication specified, just five (5) different sales—then, 30% will be earned for every sale garnered as long as you choose to work for MANA.

How do you get paid? You contact MANA via e-mail letting MANA know you have garnered a client who will be paying for a particular product or service. When that client pays via MANA’s shopping cart (PayPal), MANA will inform you that your client has paid. Then, at the end of every month, MANA will send you a check for all sales made during that month. Yes, it is that simple and uncomplicated.

Now, for clients inquiring about the publishing plans, since MANA will customize any plan to fit an individual’s budget, you just email MANA giving the client’s pertinent information (name, telephone number, e-mail address, the type of manuscript s/he wants to have published, and the plan s/he is considering [they are listed on the site]), MANA will contact the client and provide the assistance for him/her to decide on the particulars of the plan. Once the client makes the down payment, MANA will confirm the transaction with you; then, you will receive the appropriate percentage for the full sale of the plan at the end of the month of sale.

Of course, if you choose to become a sales contractor for MANA, a MANA representative will provide you with more information regarding any of the plans or products available. And you can choose to sell whichever product or service you want to sell. No pressure, no required sales—you are in control of what you want to sell and when.

This employment opportunity is for those who want to make extra money. If you are interested, contact MANA! Is it not time you use your extra time to make extra money by selling for MarketingNewAuthors.com?


If your answer is “yes,” then, come to MANA!

MarketingNewAuthors.com is an Equal Opportunity Employer.