Lonely Girl Diaries, The

Author: Laura Wade
Publisher: MarketingNewAuthors.com
ISBN: 978-0-999584-24-8
No. of Pages: 73
Index: No
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
Last Update: 2018
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Price: $11.95

About the Book

This work is a collection of diary entries. The author details her experiences when her husband of over 20 years leaves her for another woman. These diary entries take a reader through the painful process of having to accept the death of a marriage. Yes, this is not an uncommon experience. However, this author has the strength not just to forge a new life for herself, but she shares the journey in a poignantly and powerfully-written work.


This book is not just for other women who may have been through or are going through a similar experience. The publication is for the friends and families that do not understand why “she just doesn’t walk away and forget the b_ _ _ _ _ _ d.” The reasons are complicated and, yet, one overriding reason is clear—she loves him. Still, it is with every diary entry a reader will see how this woman discovers her inner strength and, most importantly, the love she has for herself. And that is why the title so explicitly states the content. This work celebrates this author’s life and that of so many women who have not written their story. This epistolary sharing takes its reader through the journey—“from pain to peace.”


About the Author

Laura Wade lives in Michigan with her boyfriend. In the cold Michigan winters, they like to stay home and watch scary movies or binge watch a TV series. During the warmth of the summers, they go on road trips visiting different areas of interest. This is Ms. Wade’s first publication; she plans to start working on Part II of her life’s journey during her upcoming summer trips.