MANA Black Friday Sale

Black Friday hdr

Starting at 12:01 am Black Friday and Being Continued for a Limited Time…

MANA will offer 30% off every publication (including no shipping and handling) and every service on the MANA site. This, especially, includes all publishing plans. For a down payment of $250 anyone can take advantage of this publishing plan offer.

This non-refundable down payment locks in the person for this discount for one year.

During Black Friday, and Cyber Weekend, including Cyber Monday Receive a 30% discount on all sales of books and services!

Upon Your Purchase of a Book or Service Send Us an Email:
A) receive the 30% rebate check enclosed with book order or, obviously, applied to the cost of the service
B) have MANA donate that rebate amount to MANA’s 2014 charity that helps women veterans
Please use the email here to Inform MANA of your selection