MANA in-Person Publisher’s Seminar

How did Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C. and begin? In 1991 Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott was teaching Deaf college students and was in need of a text that would accommodate her adult Deaf students; it needed to have language that would not be too difficult but not too “babyish.” She began making up sources to help her. Her Deaf students encouraged her to write her own book. With further encouragement of her students and teaching colleagues, she made the decision to write Essential Writing Skills for Deaf Students. Then, a Deaf-Blind teaching colleague approached her to publish her book, Deaf/Blindness: Essential Information for Families, Professionals, and Students.. And so, this was the beginning of Robbie Dean Press (RDP). Then, other persons asked RDP to publish their work. Others wanted RDP marketing services but not be published by a traditional textbook publisher. So, in 2002, (MANA), the self-publishing arm of the parent company, RDP, began. That is the brief history of RDP and MANA.

Information About Publisher’s Seminar

When: August 5, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: Ann Arbor, MI
Presenter: Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.

What Registrants Will Receive:

Continental Breakfast
Answers To All Questions You Have About Becoming a Publisher
Name of Company
The importance of a budget and for what one should budget
The need to determine the company’s focus
Clear suggestions for key resources needed
The need for ISBNs
Effectively Dealing with challenging authors/clients
Choosing your printer
Setting up of a contract for clients
Setting up the royalty and when to pay the royalty

A Workshop Folder Containing the following:

Information regarding the following:
How to determine if your company
should be a sole proprietorship or an
How to acquire an EIN number
The need for an accountant
The need for an attorney

Expanded discussion on the topics contained in the

After the workshop, two (2) free consultation calls within
two (2) months of the registered workshop

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $199 from May 20 to the final deadline of May 31.

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Upon receiving your registration, within 48 hours you will receive acknowledgement of
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