MANA Minute

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MANA Minute a New Way to Advertise!

MANA is offering a new way to advertise your book, product, or service—THE MANA MINUTE! Yes, not only authors’ works will have a MANA MINUTE podcast ad, products (for example, jewelry, t-shirts, or other gift items) and services (for example, special salon services, doll making, or confidence building). You only need to supply a graphic (of the company’s logo or an author’s book cover). MANA will provide a link to the company’s or author’s web site. MANA will develop the podcast ad based in what you send MANA via e-mail. Or you can submit your own CD with the ad developed by you.


THE MANA MINUTE will advertise your item on the MANA Blog at cost-effective rates.

Each ad runs for a minimum of a month. The length can be a full minute or thirty seconds.


The cost is the following:


Up to 30 seconds:

$30 for a month; [add_to_cart=385]

$50 for two months; [add_to_cart=382]

$70 for three months; [add_to_cart=386]


31 to 60 seconds:

$60 for a month; [add_to_cart=387]

$100 for two months; [add_to_cart=388]

$150 for three months; [add_to_cart=389]


Most radio ads in major listening areas cost a minimum of $1500 for only 10 spots (30 seconds each) within a two-week time. There is no guarantee who will actually listen to the ad when it runs. The MANA MINUTE runs at anytime a listener clicks onto the podcast. And unlike radio stations, MANA will advertise the service in its various newsletters, on its homepage, and pages of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You definitely get the best bang for buck with MANA MINUTE!