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Author: Rita Gitik (AKA: Rita Juliana Scott)


ISBN: 978-0-9916017-7-6

No. of Pages: 260

Index: No

Binding: E-Book

Last Update: 2020

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About the Book

Many who study the Italian Renaissance know of Guiliano de Medici. However, do they know about the tales involving his heirs, especially Juliana? The interwoven tale spun by the author intrigues and captivates the imagination of those who relish this golden age of the arts and the mysterious legacy of the family of the Medici. The main character, Juliana Scott, is a strong part of this legacy. From innocent scholar to an individual who triumphs over the unjust commitment of her in a psychiatric hospital, although fiction, the journey of this heroine will give readers a newfound strength to overcome their own obstacles. This detailed narrative gives its readers a literary ride that is well worth every stop.

About the Author

Dr. Rita Juliana Scott lives with her husband and sons and a pet python in a remote village, half an hour drive from the nearest supermarket in the American Midwest. She is an author of numerous professional articles. This is her first novel. She is currently working on a scientific monograph, writes poetry, and is contemplating a second novel.

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