Midweek Musings on MANA

Depending on the response of writers, beginning during the last week of April, varied written submissions covering all genre— romance (no erotica, more like the Hallmark stories), western, science fiction, war, regular life, to name a few. Whichever chosen genre the work should be quite creative, quite unique.             

Words: 150 to 500             

Cost to Submit: $50 (non-refundable)             

Royalty for each submission (recommended by the MANA Review Board forpublication):
10% for the total of readers per month (determined by the data provided by blogger.com). 

The stories posted on MANA’s blog, THE MANA SUNRISER, tend to get many views.
In more than a year, “Family—That Says It All” has had 726 views
“Captain Ambrose and the Air Pirates. . . “ has had 348 views
and “Who Is The Alpha Dog?” had had 136 views.

Thus, these stories were posted on MANA’s blog. Your story, if approved and recommended by the MANA Review Board, will be posted on THE MANA SUNRISER to stay up for one month. Royalties will be paid after the month of posting with documented evidence of views.

All writers maintain full copyright.

This will be an opportunity for writers to receive exposure to a wide audience. 

1) all submitted files should be Word or PDF
2) all submitted files will be posted on the MANA Blog, THE MANA SUNRISER

Send poem and/or short story to: info@marketingnewauthors.com.

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