Narratives of ESL Students: The World Is Round, 2nd ed.


Narratives of ESL Students: The World Is Round, 2nd ed.

by Michael McColly

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Author: Michael McColly
Publisher: TBA
ISBN: 1-889743-02-X
No. of Pages: 100
Index: No
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Perfect bound
Last Update: 1996
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“These essays (38+) come from college students from three colleges in Chicago….The students wrote their essays in composition courses primarily designed for students whose first language is not English. Very little editing occurs so to maintain the integrity of their work. Also, these essays serve as examples for others who are trying to learn how to read and write fluently in this second language with continuous effort and support of those strong in the language.”

– Michael McColly
– ESL Program
– Northeastern Illinois University
– Chicago, IL

“Stories…are a way of keeping the past present. This modest little book gives us a glimpse of the past that the immigrants in this city carry in them, lets us peek into distant places where America means the dream of freedom and a Walkman, lets us travel in foreign worlds where tears snuggle down a cheek.”

– Mary Schmich
– The Chicago Tribune

” ‘I feel very proud of this book. I am thankful to America, its people and to Mr. McColly,’ said Carman Miranda, a native of Colombia whose memoir, “My Grandparents’ Little Farm,” begins a section [of the book].

“Miranda said she hopes that people who read her essay and others will come to a greater understanding of what people carry with them into this country.”

– Ernest Tucker
– The Chicago Sun-Times