Online Printing

Is your document completed and ready to be printed? Then, contact MANA! You give MANA the specifications:


Size: 8.5 x 6.9 or 8.5 x 11 or any other size

  • Number of pages

  • Number of copies desired

  • Any color graphics contained inside the work

  • Color or gray scale cover

MANA will provide you with an approximate cost. Once you send the actual document on disk, Word , PDF, or Quark file, then, you will receive a firm price.

Of course, the “easy” part is getting the book printed. The challenge that many new authors face and ask is: “what do I do now? how can my work gain more than an online presence from one of the ‘dot.coms’? who will really work for my book?” Now, MANA can answer these questions and more.

As an introductory promotional offer, if you choose to have your work printed by MANA and you choose any of MANA’s marketing plans, you receive 20% off the actual printing cost!

Method of payment:

2/3 at the signing of contract
1/3 after the sign off of the final proof

For specific costs, CONTACT MANA or email! Also, inquire about the special introductory gift for printing/marketing customers :).