Teachers are busy+++.

They may want to share their successful lesson, but their time is precious and limited. So, here is an opportunity for teachers of all grade levels, K through college. Since the owner of MANA is a retired teacher of 45 years, still, she is committed to the profession and those who work tirelessly at sharing knowledge with those in his/her care.
If you are a teacher, retired or active, share a lesson or lessons that have been particularly successful. Submit a paragraph or two (no more than five) here: describing that lesson, students’ response to it, and/or suggestions for tweaking the lesson for different grade levels. As earlier stated, the grade level is not limited. Also, there is no exclusivity regarding subject matter. This is an opportunity to share. Use this platform to enhance the teaching experience, especially during these most challenging times.
These paragraphs will be posted on the MANA blog, The MANA Sunriser. And you will be notified when your paragraph/s will be posted.
The post will include your name, educational institution, and state (or country if not in the US).