People’s Perceptions of Bessie Helen Lambert Straham: A Miracle on Barrington Drive

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About the Author:

     Bessie Helen Lambert Straham is a retired educator. She has served students as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal of Northwestern High School in Flint, MIchigan. In addition to her years of service as an educator, she has been a member of the American Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) ever since she was born. Most importantly, she has been honored by her faith to serve as a deaconess. Then, she has been a political activist for her community. And she has been an active member for over fifty years of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Her devotion to her sorority will be experienced by her financial commitment. The majority of the proceeds of every sale of her book she is donating to the scholarship fund of Flint Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

About the Book:

     This is a memoir of the author. It is a different kind of memoir. Since the author has been a part of people’s lives in so many different ways, her memoir is based on what these people have thought of her. Sometimes, people may wonder what will people think of them after they transition to the after life. While the author is healthy and still giving her love to so many while she is alive, this work shares the many ways that Bessie Helen Lambert Straham has given her wisdom, care, and love to so many. This memoir is one that highlights a phenomenal woman whom we all can treasure.