Precious Struggles

Author: Jeanette Toomer
ISBN: 978-1-7357470-3-3
No. of Pages: 94
Index: Yes
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
Last Update: 2023
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About the Book

Precious Struggles: The Making of a 21st Century Woman is a captivating narrative about the author’s life. This is a memoir of Jeanette Toomer. It takes readers through her early years. The close relationship between her mother and family members contributes to her development as a young woman. Readers experience the pathos of her life as she navigates during key historical times of the United States—the Civil Rights era, 9/11, and the onset of COVID. Then, there are  more personal moments that many readers will be able to appreciate. This work will gently involve and carry its readers throughout this poignant publication.

About the Author

Jeanette Toomer is a writer, educator, and trainer. She has taught English language arts and literature for twenty years in the New York public school system. Since 1989 as a part-time journalist, she has written over 100 articles covering Off Broadway, Broadway plays, and Black theaters, music festivals, and other arts events in the city and United States.  Now, she resides in New York and enjoys travel to the Caribbean islands and abroad. Precious Struggles is her first published work.