Bare Essentials: An English Handbook for Beginner Writers, 19th ed.

by Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.

“…It is important to understand that this author does not think one English dialect is better than another. However, rules of the Standard English are what this book will emphasize. In order for you or anyone to have more career and personal choices, it is imperative that an individual masters these rules. This does not discount other forms of English. Still, the professional choices are limited as well as the ability to move comfortably within various social circles when an individual knows only one dialect. So, let anyone of you who question ‘why’ of learning these rules of Standard English focus on the ‘how.’ Keep in mind you have the choice to use various forms of English. The mastery of Standard English broadens the scope of those choices and the opportunities for the writer and the speaker.”
—Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.

“Not only has this book helped me, my sister, who is at a university, also, has used my handbook. After I finish the course, she plans to use this handbook as she continues at the university.”

--Former Student of Dr. Fairy
English 102

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