Anan: Sequel to Lea's Song

by JaiLeen Shepherd

Author: JaiLeen Shepherd
Illustrator: Anna Finkel
Publisher: Tic Toc Publications
ISBN: 1-889743-55-0
No. of Pages: 69
Index: No
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Softcover
Last Update: 2005
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About the Book

Also, with the 2nd book of the Lea Trilogy, the author has made key revisions. Illustrations are added to this work as well. Indeed, it will be an even more enjoyable read for readers of all ages.

This work continues the adventures of a different special horse, Anan. She has her unique personality. She, too, learns to follow her path. She becomes a part of a new family, has to encounter a dangerous bully, falls in love, has a foal, and encounters the final challenge--death. This story is beautifully told. It is a story for pre-teens. It is a story for those who are trying to find their paths in this very challenging world. It is through this story about special horses that ten through thirteen year-olds will be able to relate.


"In the sequel to LEA'S SONG, title ANAN, JaiLeen Shepherd once again charms readers with a new cast of animal and insect characters and their message-laden dialogues. Shepherd's flowing storyline is seasoned with such original and quirky characters as a grouchy tortoise and a princess bee...

"Shepherd simultaneously develops her plot twists all while enhancing the vocubulary of younger (and even 'older') readers with words such as 'proboscis.'

"This reviewer especially enjoyed the dialogue between Goldie the bee and Ol' Grouch the tortoise in which the princess bee allows herself to be rescued from the grouch's back by Anan--the little vociferous horse with the magical, healing horn.

"Shepherd's sequel will have readers compare some of the plot, with its wonderful dialogues, to Felix Sahen's Bambi or St. Exupery's Le Petit Prince...

"One plot twist coming full circle to the why Anan's life almost...parallels that of her (now) spiritual mentor Lea. Although readers may be left pondering the whys and wherefore [of the ending], they will acknowledge Shepherd's continuing magic and eagerly await the final installment [Suzi-Q]."

-- Patrice Tappee
--Rapid River Art Magazine

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