The Rainy Day Discovery

by Keith Fudge

Author: Keith Fudge
Publisher: MarketingNewAuthors.com
Illustrated By: Willa Tracosas
ISBN: 1-88974337-2
No. of Pages: 30
Index: No
Table of Contents: No
Binding: Softcover
Last Update: New
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About the Book

WE READ is a student organization on the University of Michigan--Ann Arbor campus. WE READ is devoted to getting elementary students excited about reading. One of the ways they accomplish this is by bringing everything to the students. This includes bringing authors and illustrators into their schools to write books that they can relate to their lives. It also includes helping students to write their own books, so they can tell their own stories. These University of Michigan students give their time and energy to demonstrate in a very real way that these elementary students are very important. Publishing quality books will allow these students to take home with them a wonderful reminder that they are not forgotten.

Different students of WE READ submit their manuscript and illustrated work. Then, a board determines which works will be published. The work that MarketingNewAuthors.com has had the honor to publish is THE RAINY DAY DISCOVERY by Keith Fudge and Illustrated by Willa Tracosas.

Now, since WE READ is a non-profit organization of UM, any profit gained by the sale of this work will go back to WE READ to help the organization produce more books and give out gratis to other elementary children in environments in need of various reading material.

MANA commends all of the students of WE READ, and especially congratulates Mr. Fudge and Ms. Tracosas. 


It's a sweet little story about a group of inner-city kids forced to play in a cramped apartment during a storm."

--Sonja Brodie
The Ann Arbor News 


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