Publishing is a full service publishing company specializing in self-publishing services.


Yes, every reputable self-publishing company from A to Z will provide quality printing and layout. And most self-publishing companies are similar in costs, but there are other key features that other self-publishers do not have that MANA does. And this is why you should choose MANA as your self-publishing company The following extras make MANA different than any other self-publishing company:

  1. Authors receive 70% royalty for every book purchased;
  2. MANA donates 10% of the self-publishing plan’s cost to the author’s charity of choice;
  3. For two years, MANA includes digital marketing in its plans’ costs unless the author does not want this special feature;
  4. For two years, MANA provides a podcast to advertise the author’s book;
  5. MANA provides opportunities for aspiring writers to become published on its writers’ newsletter, THE MANA SUNSET;
  6. MANA designates a charity for every year and donates money for every blog post on the “Continuous Blog Short Story” (See THE MANA BLOG—;
  7. MANA gives organizations an opportunity to develop a fundraiser; one example is the work SUPERSTORM SANDY: IN THE EYES OF THE CHILDREN
  8. MANA uses no template settings; all layouts are customized to the author’s request
  9. MANA designs color covers at no additional cost
  10. MANA offers special discounts throughout the year!