Revelation, Resignation, Restoration: A Woman’s Story of Triumph for All Women


by Cherisa Allen, MSW


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Author: Cherisa Allen, MSW
ISBN: 978-0-991601-74-5
No. of Pages: 110
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About The Book

Revelation, Resignation, Restoration: A Woman’s Story of Triumph for Women is a powerful work of sharing. It shares the experiences of the author through her journey to overcome and become. At a young age she is continuously sexually molested. As she enters her teen years, she tries to cope with those experiences. That coping mechanism takes her into the world of alcohol abuse. Then, she becomes a young mother. And later the author works to protect herself by not really sharing of herself in intimate relationships. Yet, whenever she does open that emotional door, those that enter take her into the world of domestic abuse. And through it all, this author manages to graduate from high school as an honors student; she earns her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. With her Master’s Degree in Social Work, she becomes the one who can help others, especially women, navigate the various stations of pain and learn to walk down the path of healing. Ms. Cherisa Allen has, indeed, lived a life of triumph over many obstacles. It is a story that she wishes more women can rejoice in and be able to tell. This work shares lessons that one can learn and provides concrete strategies for those who have travelled her path or know of others who are trying to find the way out of the thistles and rocks of abuse so to become the whole person.


About the Author

Ms. Cherisa Allen earned her MSW at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She currently is an Outpatient Therapist at woman’s correctional facility. In addition, she is the Owner/Operator of Do You See What I See, LLC? She works continuously to help women having experienced all facets of abuse to face the tough issues that inhibit them from becoming strong, independent, and loving women. She is committed to being a productive member of her community. Yet, her first commitment is to her God and her family. She is the proud mother of three children and a grandmother of one. Also, she is a proud member of Ekklesia Fellowship Ministries, which is under the pastoral leadership of her mother/pastor.


“Does this work grab your attention? YES in the sense that it was a book—that even when the subject matter was serious and somber—you needed to fight through and complete. I also felt that I did not get the feel that this was a story per se, but more of a journal or reflective writing piece that laid out a journey the writer was on.

“The manuscript definitely causes self reflection and that keeps your attention in trying to answer questions such as: How can I, too, gain freedom? How can I apply these findings to my life? And so on.

“YES!! I would recommend this book to all.

“I really enjoyed the author’s giving a story along with practical tips to put healing or at least the beginning of self-reflection into practice.”

—Deborah Walsh

Automation Build Engineer
ITSS Application Services
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“As a substitute teacher, I can choose when and what age group to work with from infants in preschool to 23 year olds in juvenile hall (juvenile jail). I have grown a particular fondness of the juvenile halls.  In this particular hall the population consists of mostly Hispanic and African Americans from 10-18 year-old boys.  But there is a small minority group of young ladies there as well.  These girls have gone through more than I can imagine in a lifetime.

“The girls tend to be there for prostitution, fighting, substance abuse, and gang activity.  A couple of the girls are currently pregnant or just had babies. Always I try to encourage them, tell them what it is to be a lady, to have confidence, to be a model citizen, to do a budget, fill out a FAFSA form for college, anything to help them progress.  So one day the girls were tired of reading the stories in the assigned literature book.  So going along with my theme of empowering women, I typed into Google, “triumphant, empowered women” when I came across Cherisa Allen’s Revelation, Resignation and Restoration:  A Woman’s Triumph For All Women. I downloaded the first chapter and read it.

“At first they were very reluctant to hear once again the downfalls of “Substance Abuse,” the first chapter’s title.  But within minutes I heard small laughs and comments like, ‘Yep, I’ve been there.’ The ‘Lesson Learned’ at the end is perfect.  We talked about the first chapter for about 45 minutes, which is amazing, because these girls are conditioned not to talk as a survival mechanism on the streets.  So to talk about anything for that length of time is beyond astonishing.  As soon as we were done discussing, they asked when could they read the next chapter.”

—Ferrari Green (Substitute Teacher)

San Bernardino County Schools Alternative Education