Satan’s Top Ten Tricks


Satan’s Top Ten Tricks

by Carl Geo. Austin


Book Information

Author: Carl Geo. Austin
ISBN: 1-889743-58-5
No. of Pages: 104
Index: No
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Soft cover/Perfect bound
Last Update: 2007
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About The Book

This short book outlines how the major adversary of believers of God, Satan, or the devil challenges our thought processes. Yes, these challenges are called “tricks.” However, the author makes it very clear that these are very serious challenges posed by Satan and his helpers. Scripture and sermons and writers, such as, C. S. Lewis, Neal Anderson, and Francis Frangipane, provide solid support for this work’s content. It is definitely a book for anyone who believes in God and wants to remain vigilant against the challenges, the tricks played on believers’ minds. It is by knowing and recognizing these tricks that believers will not be tricked and will be able to overcome the challenges.


About The Author

Carl Geo. Austin has a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology. He is a licensed counselor in the state of Florida and a Christian counselor. He has over thirty years of clinical experience. He is also the author of THE UNWELCOME BLESSING, another publication that can be found on this site. Mr. Austin can be contacted at


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