Self Publishing Plans for Writers Who Need Partial Services


Is your manuscript ready? Yes?
All you need is a professional document layout?

MANA can provide professional layout at an affordable cost. Then, you choose:

     1) MANA to publish your work;

     2) Any other company to publish your work;


     3) you publish the work yourself.


Regular cost: $999.00 for up to 70,000 words

Make a Deposit of $299 Now:

For actual cost, which is dependent on number of words, contact:

Services are the following:

     * Customized layout

     * All non-color text

If you need a cover or other services, contact MANA]

Timeline for above services to be rendered: six (6) weeks!
Competitively Priced: Quality Serviced

Oh yes, MANA does have a full range of self-publishing plans. If interested, visit our Self-Publishing Plans page:

For more information about any of the MANA PARTIAL Plans, just contact MANA by

Sunrises and Sunsets,

The Staff Members of MANA