Spring Publishing Plans 2023

In 1991, the parent company of MarketingNewAuthors.com (MANA), Robbie Dean Press, entered the publishing world. The owner, Dr. Fairy C.  Hayes-Scott knew nothing about publishing. However, she had a purpose. She wanted to get her English textbook for her Deaf students written and published. She accomplished that purpose and so much more. Now, in 2023 Robbie Dean Press, LLC is a firmly established traditional textbook publishing company. Also, it is the proud parent of MANA, a self-publishing company. Both companies have enabled writers of different genre to fulfill their purpose—to get their message/story out to their audience.

So, spring is an appropriate time  for MANA to launch a very special self-publishing offer celebrating its parent company’s 30+ years in business:


This offer includes the following:

  1. Consultation
  2. Editing and Proofreading
  3. Document Layout
  4. Color Cover Design (front and back)
  5. 50 printed copies (no inside color)
  6. Webpage on MANA website
  7. Distribution of books anywhere in the world (no cost to writer if in the US)
  8. No more than 50,000 words
  9. Royalty of 70% for every book sold via the MANA website

This offer can be a wonderful present for that special person in one’s life.

Of course, it can be for that special person—you!

A non-refundable down payment of $300 begins the process