Writing Seminar—Private Style

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This personalized, private seminar will cover the following:

  1. The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing;
  2. The issues of copyright ownership;
  3. The determination of royalty;
  4. How one gets started writing that book that has been in one’s heart;
  5. How the idea in your heart actually becomes a published reality;
  6. The factors involved in the process of having a book published;

And, most importantly.

  1. Any and every other question you have every wanted to ask!

Then, you can take this information to make your decisions to work with any publishing company you want. No pressure from MANA. MANA welcomes future business; however, this one-on-one attention comes with no strings attached or any “hard sell tactics.” You determine whom you may want to do business with in the future. This personal seminar is to provide you with valuable information to help you decide the path you want to take—just to gain information or take that step to becoming a published author.

ALSO, MANA will donate 10% of its fee to MANA’s 2015 designated charity, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.


Where will this private seminar take place?

This one-on-one contact can take place

  1. A) For an hour on the Internet or phone ($150 per hour)


  1. B) During a 2-3 hour, relaxing luncheon or dinner at a 4-star Ann Arbor, MI restaurant. ($250 one-time)


Whatever practically works for You! Your Choice!

Cost: $150.00 or $250.00.

Cost is $250.00
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Cost is $150.00 per hour
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Also, available, if wanted, discounts on MANA publishing plans or writing coach services.