Thank You Mom

For Ms. Easter Sewell:
For my friend, Easter Sewell,
When my company, MANA, was new, I needed your help. And you came through. I shall never forget your kindness. I wish you a very, very happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Fairy

Lt. Commander of the US Navy, Dr. Elicia Baker Rogers
My Dear Sis, Elicia,
I have known you since your were a little girl. Now, you are a fine young woman, a wonderful mom, a wonderful sister. We have known each other for many years. You have become my treasured little sis You have become a very special part of my life. You deserve to be celebrated this Mother’s Day!

Love you much, C

For Mrs. Cynthia Heath:
There is no card that can express the feelings in my heart, Cynthia. The Lord had a reason for my not having any blood sisters. He placed you in my life. And I shall never, ever know what I ever did to be so blessed. I watched you and tried to emulate you as a mother. Your patience, your ability to accept every aspect of your son and nurture him to be a fine man. And you have helped me do the same with my daughter (your niece). So, my very special sister/friend, I wish you a very blessed Mother’s Day!

Love, Cesena

For Mrs. Bessie H. Straham:
“You’re going to be on my committee.” Those were the first words I heard from you over 45 years ago at my first sorority meeting at Flint Alumnae Chapter. And it was not only an invitation to be on a committee; it was the beginning of a sister-friend relationship. We have shared so much. And every time I have visited you, I have experienced your quiet sense of humor and wisdom. Always I would leave feeling a certain kind of peace that would last me until the next visit. My Sister-Friend and Soror, I wish you a peaceful and joyous Mother’s Day.

Love, Fairy

Ms. LaClaire Bowdry:
LaClaire, you have known me since the high school years. You and I pledged together. We have been there for each other during our happy and sad moments. You have shared your family with me, always made me feel a part. And you have raised a beautiful daughter, inside and out. And so, I want you to enjoy this day, for you make Mother’s Day all that it should be.

Love, Your Sand—Sena

Mrs. Fairy Dean Hayes:
Well, Mommy, God took you from me in September 2005. However, I understand that He wanted a lady with beautiful eyes, a hearty laugh, wise insights, and the ability to give her all to me, her Pumpkin. She made me her top priority. And with all of that, she managed to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She was my role model. I never wanted to disappoint her. She made me strive to do my best. So, I say to my Mommy, enjoy your Mother’s Day in Heaven. I know you are even keeping God on His toes :)!

Love, Your Pumpkin

Mrs. Juanita Scott:
Mom, you made me feel so loved and a part of the Scott family the very first time we met. And so, I could not think a better name to call you but “Mom.” You never were a mother-in-law to me; you were always my Mom. I could talk to you about any subject. I could share with you every endeavor, professional or personal. Although you have transitioned with the Lord, I shall keep close to heart the love you consistently bestowed on me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

For Mrs. Diane Rogel:
Dear Diane, you have demonstrated the highest level of character and perseverance in training up our children, never compromising in discipline while showing true love that cares enough to confront and admonish in doing good and seeking life rather than darkness. I am amazed at the effects it has had on their lives and on mine as well, you are truly the most powerful of influences and I know that you will be rewarded for your selflessness and care. Happiest of Mother’s Day!

I love you my bride, Tyler

For Mrs. Jody Olson:
Dear mom, I am so happy to have had the blessed privilege to be your son, through the good times and the difficult times you never threw in the towel, yet always encouraged and directed me towards goodness in this life and towards maturity and trust in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The beautiful times of training that you led me and my siblings in learning about The Way of The Lord have no doubt saved my eternal soul. I look forward to an eternity spent enjoying our God with you when all sin has been put away and all pain and suffering have been forgotten and “when every tear has been wiped away”.

All my love, Tyler

To Elizabeth Baker:

“A Mother’s Love”

So how can one even begin to measure a mother’s love?
A mother is a special gift sent from God above
These special memories we would impart
And so I will share what’s on my heart.

My earliest memories, perhaps when I was but just a tike
Teaching me the Lord’s Prayer before bed at night
And because mom was very smart
She took me to the library and enrolled me in Head Start.

Then whenever I was sick
Heating up Vernor’s for me to sip
And when I guess that I was bad…..How could that be?
Sending me to get my own switches
Not one, or two, but three.

I always looked forward to our shopping trips downtown
Having lunch at Hudson’s and holding my hand as we walked around
I might pick up and item and she would gently say…”umm put that back”
Let’s see what’s on the clearance rack.

And oh, on Sunday mornings waking up to what she was making
Grits, bran muffins, eggs, and bacon.

Perfectionism and attention to detail were the lessons and test
Qualities that continue to help me do my very best.

And as the years began to take their toll
It was only on her body, not her spirit or her soul
Still traveling when she could, bowling, and calling others who were ill
Mom was a trooper with a very strong will.

So blessed to have her as my mother
We all are better because she lived!
Her works must go on through each of us
Continuing to share, love, and give!

Composed by Elicia Baker Rogers on 27 Oct 2008. Copyright @ 2008.