MarketingNewAuthors.com, in celebration of its 20 years in business, is making a call for different genres of manuscripts and short stories.

First, the manuscripts to be self-published, for every week MANA will designate a specific genre.

You submit; you get 25% discount off the cost of any self-publishing plan MANA offers.
The discount will apply to the genre of the week:

October 3-7—Comedy | Oct. 10-15—Romance | Oct. 17-22—Fantasy | Oct. 24-29—Religious | Oct. 31-Nov. 5—Mystery

Nov. 7-12—Children | Nov. 14—Western

For book publishing, a non-refundable down payment of $220

After the down payment, scheduled payments will not be due until beginning December 2023!
If you want to begin payments earlier, that is acceptable.

Now, what will you get for this offer? You will receive the following:

• Consultation

• Document Layout

• Cover Design for Color front and back covers

• Marketing

• Printed copies (50)

• Webpage on the MANA site

• Royalty: 70% per book sold via the MANA website

NOW, WHAT IF you do not want a self-publishing offer? However, you want to “test the writing waters.” So, you can submit a short story during during the week that designates the genre your work would fit. NO COST to you! If your work is accepted, then, it will be posted on the MANA blog, THE MANA SUNRISER. Now, there should not be more than 500 words.

If you want any details or just want to submit, please submit your manuscript or short story to: info@marketingnewauthors.com.