Where is Adam, Understanding a Father’s Role

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Where is Adam, Understanding a Father’s Role

by Jeffery Wheeler


Author: Jeffrey Wheeler
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ISBN: 1-889743-94-1
No. of Pages: 143
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About the Book

This work is about the impact of fatherhood. This work is the results of years of work with youngsters without the support of fathers. Also, it is a call to every person who truly cares about the condition of our children who do not have fathers. This book works to be a literary change agent and resource for people who want to make an impact in the lives of youngsters who do not have fathers. This book is for fathers involved, fathers who want to become involved, mothers—single and married and organizations that work with men who need counseling to “Man Up.”


About the Author

Jeff Wheeler is a man who lives what he writes. He has committed his life to mentoring young men. Besides being the man—the father—to his three children, he is the father of a fourth young man who is not biologically his, but is, indeed, a member of his family. He is a respected member of the Flint, MI community. He is a motivational speaker, licensed associate minister, retired police officer, owner of one of the largest karate schools in Genesee County, and a 3rd degree black belt. He does not just talk or write about what is needed to counter the negative effects of not having a father in the home; every day he implements strategies to give children and parents emotional support.

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“Wheeler pulls no punches. He highlights the effects of the absence of a father figure as a major reason for troubled youth. Wheeler’s analysis is based on real-life anecdotes and experiences during his 23 years as a police officer. At times amusing and humorous, the story is also sad and heartbreaking. Upon conclusion, however, one father’s love and the reciprocal love of his family are most apparent. The ultimate message is one of hope for those fathers who take the time to read, listen, and learn.”
—William Crawford, Genesee County District Court Judge.

“This book is not as much a message as it is a dialogue with the reader. The conversational style makes it an easy read while the anecdotal nature makes me want book two. Anyone who wants to laugh, to cry, and be inspired to become involved should pick up this book. I promise you will not put it down until completely read.”
—Gerald Snodgrass, II, Juvenile Prosecuting Attorney, Genesee County.